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Many married couples first met each other at one frum RAJE’s Shabbos or holiday meals or social events. Frum it primarily serves Canadian singles, its matchmakers reddit with a worldwide network of matchmakers and singles. The site is discreet, bashert, and does not allow browsing of other questions’ profiles, but still gives daters the power to proactively look for a needs. The combination of personal input from the matchmaker and the comprehensive information daters put into the site results in more compatible dates and more than 2, married clients. Host families and guests fill out profiles and give references so both sides can make comfortable Shabbos arrangements. There’s also a matchmaking feature. A good needs those traveling for business, backpacking across the country, studying abroad, or just looking for a little prayer.

The 36 Dating Questions Jewish Style

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Judy and David met online via Frumster. They are generous in sharing their story, because they hope it will may inspire marriage-minded singles. There are many ways to meet a potential partner, in person or online, and you are likely to find internet dating sites that fit your lifestyle and values, should you choose to explore that option. Below, in their own words, Judy and David describe how they met, dated, and prepared for marriage. I had a targeted approach to dating.

I went back on Frumster and I remembered some very friendly conversations with Judy—the things we had in common, like being disc jockeys in college. He said he was ready to date me for tachlis and asked if he could come in to NY to meet. I decided to put my money on David. I hosted all the meals that Shabbat. My friends and family, including my eldest son and his wife and baby were there. Since David is a pediatrician, they loved the free medical advice. Motzai Shabbat we went on a date—finally alone together—and we asked and answered the kind of questions one would generally ask on a shidduch interview first date.

Questions to Ask on Your Date

New York — Not long ago I sat with ten young women, aged 19 to 24, to ask them about their dating experiences. The consensus was that the men who take them out seem interested mostly in their looks before everything else. The girls who are super-thin get asked out first. Being of good character is important but of secondary concern.

Yated Shidduch Forum 1/18/ How Should I Ask Questions on a Date? Question: In light of statistics indicating that the divorce rate in the frum community is.

By subscribing I accept the terms of use. Politics Diaspora Opinion. Jerusalem Post Israel News. Along with most aspects of daily life in Israel, dating has changed drastically over the past two weeks as the government increasingly tightens regulations to slow the spread of coronavirus by forcing much of the country to stay at home. Micki Lavin-Pell, a marriage therapist and relationship coach in Jerusalem, says social-media platforms are an asset right now. Religious Jews, who tend not to have physical contact with partners before marriage, have also changed their dating habits.

Singles events have been moved online, and more people appear to be open to virtual dating.

How Do Religious Jews Get Engaged so Soon?

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Date Posted, 10 Sep The Question, B’Kavod Ha’Rav, Is it better to commit spiritual suicide and become fry or actual death while still frum? —Anonymous.

While the dating approach in most segments of the frum community is intended to ensure a thorough assessment of suitability between two people, there are important areas of compatibility which tend to be overlooked. Multiple levels of checking are completed before the couple even meets. Often, however, there are significant flaws in how the dating process is handled, and frequently-critical considerations get simply left out of the equation. Couples and their families frequently fail to explore both the emotional compatibility of the couple, as well as whether each of them has developed the qualities necessary to create and maintain a healthy marriage.

That is not to suggest that other areas of focus are not also important. There is also a lot of discussion of familial compatibility, which typically includes religious styles, culture, parental roles and relations with siblings and extended family. Intellectual compatibility is another area that is often discussed. This may include intelligence, but should also address general interests, the type of things they each enjoy doing or feel is important to do, use of free time, and what each finds interesting, amusing, important, boring or a waste of time.

While all of these areas of compatibility — both the broader and more specific dimensions — are important in determining suitability, they are not enough. Perhaps because it is harder to quantify, emotional compatibility frequently is not even on the radar screen of either the couple or their families. Every person has his or her emotional orientation, defined as the way one reacts to the world and life issues inevitably confronted. For example, some people are high strung, nervous, and excitable.

Others are more laid back, or even-keeled. Some are happy-go-lucky, and likely to take things in stride, while others are more thoughtful and introspective, deeply affected by events.

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Do dating coaches have access to my private information? How can I become a Top Questions → Will JWed continue to maintain it’s ‘Frum’ environment?

We just learned the hard way that being open-minded is bad for shidduchim. When my daughter started dating, we agreed to her going out with all types of boys. My daughter is an easygoing girl, so she really can go out with any type. We raised her to get along with any type of person. In our family, we also have all types: Lubavitch, Satmar, Litvish, even non- frum.

People think that there is something wrong with her. They even think that my family is weird because we are so open-minded. What can we do to help her? Your letter is an example of one of the catastrophic consequences of modern-day shidduchim. And I agree with you; the fact that she is so open-minded is likely standing in her way of getting married. In previous years, when someone in the shidduch parashah was asked what she is looking for, the typical responses were far different than they are today.

Crash Course in Shidduchim

The matter of shidduchim is challenging for everyone involved. Feelings of insecurity and anxiety can run amok. Will you find the right person for you child? Is your family good enough?

But the increasing superficiality in the frum dating scene has me often feeling I guess I am most frustrated by these innane questions that the.

Sometimes on a date, it can be hard to think of meaningful questions in the moment. I decided to compile a list of dating conversation topics to help myself out, and it ended up becoming such a fun writing exercise. I did a lot of this on the beach. So, here it is…conversation topics to help you get to know your date better. Please add suggestions to help us all out, and please share this list with anyone who might find it helpful.

I update this list periodically. What is your relationship like with your mother? With your father? Are you comfortable with these relationships as they currently are? Older relatives? Former teachers?

10 Great Questions To Ask On A Date

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