Funny tweets about Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’

My optimistic self approached it thinking it might be an insightful exploration of a regressive practice, and would hold up a mirror to our society. Instead, what I got was a love letter to arranged marriages — an institution deeply rooted in patriarchy, casteism, classism and colourism. Indian Matchmaking is an eight-part Netflix original that follows Sima Taparia, a matchmaker from Mumbai, in her pursuit of finding partners for her wealthy upper caste clients in India and abroad. Taparia could have chosen to been a mascot of empowerment. She is so good at being the worst aunty out there that I had to constantly ask myself if she was real or was exaggerating her judgemental persona for the purpose of entertainment. Indian Matchmaking is a show that not only trivialises the daily struggles against misogyny and gender inequality that millions of women face, it also whitewashes all the inconvenient and problematic truths about arranged marriages in India.

‘Indian Matchmaking’ is just the tip of the iceberg of matchmaking in India

Coronavirus: How Covid has changed the ‘big fat Indian wedding’. India’s richest family caps year of big fat weddings. A new Netflix show, Indian Matchmaking, has created a huge buzz in India, but many can’t seem to agree if it is regressive and cringe-worthy or honest and realistic, writes the BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi.

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Why the process of ‘Indian Matchmaking’ crushed my confidence

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The show has a huge ensemble of interesting personalities, starting with Sima Taparia — the matchmaker. Across the eight episodes of the show, we find it hard to believe that this was not designed as a comedy, especially with the appropriately placed awkward pauses and the choice of music. While we understand that this show promotes a lot of archaic concepts, it works for a lot of viewers in an ironic way. Keeping that in mind, we list the ten funniest things that we saw in Indian Matchmaking.

We first meet Janardhan Dhurbe, the face reading expert, in the second episode of Indian Matchmaking. But, come on guys, who knows anyone who hates so many things? Well, now we all do, thanks to Aparna! From hating beaches, outdoors, comedy, relaxing, her job, Aparna needs to talk about everything she hates on her own podcast even though she hates it. I felt bad for Srini because who is that direct while rejecting someone, that too on camera? Also Read Indian Matchmaking review: Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.

The scene when Pradhyuman meets the life coach was strange, to say the least. When Pradhyuman goes on the first date with Rushali, it had me laughing the whole time. Just the awkwardness of a first date, combined with some weird conversation, provides for some excellent cringe content. She shocked Ankita and us with her personality flip.

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With each episode of Indian Matchmaking, it appears as if the Netflix to 21 with metro cities being the exception, where it got extended to

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Indian Matchmaking: The ‘cringe-worthy’ Netflix show that is a huge hit

With each episode of Indian Matchmaking , it appears as if the Netflix series is trying hard to sell viewers the idea of arranged marriage — cute old couples narrate anecdotes from their long married lives together, affirming that the system really works. The lead matchmaker of the show, Sima Taparia, repeatedly states that marriages are made in heaven while also asserting her role as some kind of divine emissary on earth. Educated, urban, successful, beautiful singles express their loneliness, helplessness and need for a partner as if an arranged marriage is the only solution.

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Indian Matchmaking Review: Why is the Show Going Viral?

Sima Aunty or Sima Tarapia, the woman with the starring role in the docu-series Indian Matchmaking, is being called the stuff of nightmares. The Netflix show is meant to be a behind-the-scenes look at how arranged matches are orchestrated. How much did Indian Matchmaking get right, what did the show get wrong, and how much did they leave out altogether? The fundamentals, it would appear, remain largely unchanged on the surface, but the details do look different.

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There were many statements in the show that made my face grimace into unimaginable expressions, accompanied by the rolling of eyes, rising Blood Pressure, anger and loud sighs! She exists in all her hideousness. Why do we allow shows to be aired that make a statement that a woman is nothing unless she is married and that she cannot balance a career and marriage at the same time? That marriage is the ultimate criterion of success and forms their tagline. The answers reek of a mind-set firmly embedded in the Victorian age.

Such shows only take us back to medieval times. As a global centre of employment, corporations have introduced merit-based hiring and employment to the nation. Marriage in present circumstances is based on values such as love and compatibility rather than on social standing or economics. Though social conformities still exist that encourage people to choose partners within their own class, people are not as pressured to choose marriage partners based solely on those elements.

Arranged marriages propagate the caste system openly and Netflix has given a platform to a show that is out rightly regressive. The problem with a show like this is not redundancy of representation but the inadequacy of it.

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Netflix new series ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ Photograph: Twitter. The real game in India is way more convoluted, painstaking and disrespectful to human emotion — especially for girls. It’s a haggling of virtues and vices, and is decided by horoscopes and pre-decided norms for both genders. And emotional and sexual compatibility — the most important factors in a marriage as far as Bollywood, and well, the entire world, goes — take a forever backseat.

A Netflix screengrab of Mumbai based matchmaker Sima Taparia from the series Indian Matchmaking Netflix. Money Market Thursday, July

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So, after frantically watching this whole series in one sitting, I curated a list of tweets that were guaranteed to make everyone who saw the series laugh a bit:. I understand why Aparna is single, but the fact that Nadia is also shows us the movies lie IndianMatchmaking. Vyasar, Ankita and Nadia are the best people in Indian matchmaking IndianMatchmaking indianmatchmakingnetflix.

Newscom; Last Updated: July 23, , PM IST. Share this: Released earlier this month, Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking is making quite a.

Released earlier this month, Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking is making quite a noise on social media. Created in the US, the show has a Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia, who guides clients in the US and India in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern era. Premise: Before Sima Taparia made it to your social media timelines, she was a part of a documentary on a similar concept. This award-winning film centres around the lives of three women, one of whom is Sima’s daughter, Ritu.

What works: The film appears much more honest and realistic than Indian Matchmaking. Premise: This decade-old show used to air on Sony Entertainment Television. Each of the 26 episodes sees them manage a fresh client’s matrimonial alliance, as they continue to deal with their own problems. What works: The light hearted moments and simplicity of the show is a winner on all fronts. Premise: Along the lines of Indian Matchmaking, three couples try to live their dream of a Bollywood wedding following the Indian traditions in the States.

It’s amusing to watch the couples trying to balance millennia-old traditions with modern American aesthetics. What works: The short format of 48 mins works as a relaxing filler on a stressful day. Premise: This documentarian non-scripted reality television series follows the journey of an engaged couple that travels around the world for a year, exploring marriage customs in diverse cultures.

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