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Subscriber Account active since. For guitar players, a chunk of wood at the top of their instrument matters. It’s the headstock, and that’s where the name of the guitar maker is found. Teenage musicians quickly learn the hierarchy: inexpensive, entry-level guitars dwell far below their far pricier counterparts. So begins the guitarist’s march up the ladder.

That process, however, has undergone some changes in the past decade, and one of the world’s most famous purveyors of rockstar dreams, Fender, is smack in the middle of it.

The thing is that i had Fender Japan guitars with “E” serial dating 19 and if you have a mexican made Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster or Precision.

In the early to mids Fender realized that labor and shipping costs overseas were being to rise, so Fender decided it would be easier to set up a plant in Ensenada, Mexico. Fender Mexico was established May 5, Fender started producing guitars in its , sq. Ensenada plant in Due to production times and shipping dates, there is an overlap between each years guitars. That is why each number has two years of production. So MN was a Mexican Fender guitar built in So everything was pretty simple up to this point, right?

Well, then comes

Fender serial number korea

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So MN was a Mexican Fender guitar built in This way the country of origin and the date of production can be coded into the serial number. James Burton Standard Telecaster, Buddy Guy Stratocaster (polka dot model),​.

Harley Benton Prototype. Well, who wouldn’t? Three Harley Benton electric guitars. Not a prototype to the best of my knowledge, a custom finish. I’ve been playing the electric twelve string guitar professionally for the last 16 years in my band The Carpet Frogs. He got the world factory to build the new pro line guitars. I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much but its VERY good guitar and you are going to love it.

In January , Guitar Messenger released a. I also can build replacement boards for many amplifiers with or without components. I have tried all sorts of strings on my Ashborys. Inspired by basses of the ’60s, the bass features a short

How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured?

This is the first change to the shape. These are the numbers you will find stamped into the chassis. Let’s find out. So I bought my mustang years ago from a guy who told me it was a Japanese reissue. Its headstock is a traditional Telecaster-style headstock with bullet truss rod nut; two metal ‘butterfly’ string trees; black with gold outline CBS ‘Fender’ logo and black ‘Telecaster. The serial number on your modern Gretsch guitar or bass contains specific information about where and when it was made.

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Fender serial number korea IC0. The first model I saw, in winter , had a Cort CN serial number. Some sources say the practice started in September , but serial numbers indicating production as early as October have been spotted. By modern, by the way, we mean since , which is when Gretsch serial numbering took its current form. My question is this. Determining the origin and value of American made Dean guitars is actually quite easy.

The thing is that i had Fender Japan guitars with “E” serial dating and on the bottom of the neck written by pencil on the wood of the neck, under the original finish coat , and I have seen other photos showing the same thing in some forums. Dating Your Instrument.

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Like most Japanese guitars by this time, the first digit or two encodes the date of bajo sextos and other instruments for the Mexican-oriented musicians in L. Our found on the neck plates of the Revival series Stratocasters and Telecasters.

Fender Strat Specs. The Fender Select Stratocaster features a highly figured Maple top with a two-point synchronized tremolo system. Introduced at Summer NAMM of , Fender’s newly-minted American Series Stratocaster saw numerous minor changes to the American Standard Strat’s platform, from pickguard and tuners to newly-designed pickups and the overall feel of the neck, with slightly rolled edges to make for a more “broken-in” feel. If you see the chart below, notice how consistent the Strat pickup specs get when machine wound after Back to the main Fender Vintage Guitar Info webpage.

Joined: May 23, Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. There’s nothing like playing a genuine Fender electric guitar. These pickups deliver vintage-Strat sound, feel and vibe, with glistening highs and warm lows. For most collectors, pre-CBS pre Fender vintage guitars and amps are the desirable ones.

Fender 52 Telecaster Reissues

I used this guitar mostly in studios because it keeps the tuning beautifully, even when using the tremolo excessively. The 10 most expensive guitars ever sold: in pictures. Wildwood Guitars has partnered with Fender to bring you the coolest guitars on the planet for over thirty years. In , it was renamed the American Standard Stratocaster followed by American Series Stratocaster is and then the American Standard Series I own and have owned more than my fair share of Fender guitars and amps.

The color is pretty cool- it’s a light metallic blue around the edges with a darker metallic blue middle – and it’s pretty clean.

Product Dating. Find out exactly when your instrument How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured? How can I find out when my.

Back in , Peter Green granted us a rare interview just over a decade after the legendary guitarist returned to music after a long absence. EU vertex steel string ltd srv. Guitar hardware, parts and electronics are imported from Japan and South Korea. August Supporting Member. Beginning , both models will be available at Authorized Custom Shop Dealers. Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Guitars When a master craftsman builds an instrument by hand all by themselves from start to finish, it imbues the instrument with a special brand of magical mojo that is easy to see, hear, and feel but hard to quantify.

He had added a late ’50s maple neck, and further touches included a new Fender decal, larger frets, and a pin-up girl graphic. Original Box included! This particular SRV Strat comes in at a weight of 7.

How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured?

Fender custom shop srv Ever since the Telecaster electric guitar was created in a modest radio repair shop in , it has been a force to be reckoned with. Finely crafted guitars and basses created by artists, for the artist Only the artisans at the Custom Shop could craft this guitar that Vaughan co-designed with us before his untimely passing.

I do not know anything about the history of these guitars. Plus, join Fender Connect to manage Your Gear and tap into personalized tips, videos and new products. Can anyone enlighten me about their history and the number made etc.

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I’m a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. The Fender Telecaster is a historic instrument with origins dating back to the dawn of solid-body electric guitars. Musicians love the Tele today just as much as they did back then, and it is one of most popular guitars of all time.

While it is most commonly associated with country music, blues and rock, the Telecaster can get the job done in just about any genre. Even heavy metal shredders have been known to employ modified Teles. These are among the finest instruments a guitarist can own, and they are worth every penny. But what about the student, hobby guitarist or working musician? For many players, American-made Fenders are simply too expensive.

Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

Instruments manufactured with the name “Greco” are electric and acoustic guitars. Kanda Shokai was established in and the Greco brand name was started in Kanda Shokai also marketed a few original designs in the late 60s including the Greco Semi-hollow “Shrike” guitars which were imported and marketed first by Goya and later by Kustom. The “Shrike” model was unusual in that it had a pair of unusual “L” shaped pickups, with the corner of the “L” pointing towards the headstock on the neck pickup and towards the bridge on the bridge pickup These “boomerang” pickups predate the Gibson Flying V 2 “Boomerang” shaped pickups by over 10 years.

In the early s Kanda Shokai marketed Greco Gibson -like models, but with bolt-on necks rather than the set necks of genuine Gibson guitars.

Ever since the Telecaster electric guitar was created in a modest radio repair shop Fender; Fender Product Support; Product Dating; The Twisted Sister frontman MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and.

Leo carried over features from the Hawaiian steel guitars Fender had already been making since , such as the ashtray bridge cover and Kluson tuners. Its simple yet effective design with two pickups and a 3-way-switch and revolutionary sound broke ground. Even today with all of the technological advancement this very first design satisfies the demanding needs of many guitarists. Under its new ownership Fender produced numerous Telecaster spin-off models throughout the 70s.

But most musicians rather played guitars from the 50s and 60s then the new designs. Because the deal did not include production facilities in Fullerton, California the USA guitar production ceased in late

Greco guitars

So you need to figure out the year of production for your Fender guitar or bass. You’re not alone. Fenders rank as the most frequently bought and sold instruments on Reverb , and finding a precise date of manufacture can be key to determining the value and specifics of an instrument.

Here is what the neck date and body date look like from a Telecaster: Fender from January The MIM serial number scheme is actually very straight-forward.

In mid Fender changed the location of serial numbers to the neckplate. MN : M means Mexican made, N is the decade s. Fender serial numbers numbers are hard read without decoder. Dating fender telecaster necks the guitar attic assist us better serving our customers, please. Someone had rubbed off the Squier logo from the headstock and. Fender Strat to two real U. Fender Strats, a Mexican Fender Strat.

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